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Feb 19, 2004

Well, so far vacation has been awesome, but recently went downhill. Since it's not my business to talk about it, i'll revert it back to the good things. On Friday night i went to the "valentine's day dance" once again there werent too many people there.. but i had a good time anyways. then on saturday (valentines day) i made breakfast for my parents. i used a cookie cutter to make my toast heart shaped! even though im anti v-day i wanted to be authentic for everyone else. my dad forgot it was v-day so didnt get my mom anything. to help him out, i made a card with a poem and he signed it. my mom wasnt happy. all i got was a chocolate piggy.. but thats ok. at least it was suttin i wanted. my mom and myself went to my mim and pop's house and watched some movie on lifetime called Lucky 7. it was cute. i had wanted to get chinese food.. but it didnt happen. thus.. another crappy v-day. (nothing new there.) sunday i drove up to my aunt's house and burnt another cd. this time my cousin's friend wasn't over so i got to hang out with him. we did some shopping and a lot of driving. lol oh! and then we went to his sister's house after dinner to play some old school games from atari that they had for PS1. afterwards,we watched the best of Will Ferrel. how hot! *I gotta have more cowbell!* lmfao. :) good times. on monday.. i did something.. and it wont come to me.. so forget monday. lol tuesday i had to go to the USCG academy to get a new ID card. i found out that if i go to college it will last longer.. so theres a plus! lol so to follow through with tradition we went over the bridge to Norm's diner and i got my BLT with hot chocolate. my parents pissed me off again with their shooting down my small dreams. im surprised i haven't given up completely. im like afriggin bird. i finally get strong wings to fly and my parents just break them!!!!! >:0 roarrrrrrrrrr. anyways.  my dad needed to go to a dentist for his messed up teeth so we went from Groton all the way to Prov. and he couldnt get an appointment until thursday. so, while he went to get a hair cut, my mom and myself went to mim and pop's house again. mim's such a silly lady! :) lol she had her washer in the middle of the kitchen. and the dryer in the middle of the hallway. instead of a lifetime movie, i watched FAMILY MATTERS! 2 episodes.. and then my dad came and we had to go. ugh. i was restless so i headed off to the libraries, returned my movies and got some more. when i got home i told my mom we were gunna go to Kohl's and get some shopping done. we got good deals! everything was 5 dollah!i got a skirt and a shirt and she splurged like a poor dude buying coffee. yesterday...i think i stayed home and di nothing. oh well. and the same with today. tommorrow ill be out all day. go me. maybe saturday ill get some chinese with riri. my hoe :)the only woMAN friend of mine that ever pays for me! and for that, if he ever needs anything, ill be happy to give it. unless its virginity.. he took that 4 years ago :) jp. lol welp, im gunna play some games and shoer. lata peeps

Posted at 10:35 pm by Dustalism
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Oct 30, 2003

they always get theirs. im the wrong one to mess with.

Posted at 04:20 pm by Dustalism
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